Saturday, December 31, 2016

George - Chapter Twenty Five: Piece By Piece

This chapter has been a long time coming. I've jokingly started calling it the "cursed chapter" since every time I tried to take pictures for it either my game would have issues (which led to me reinstalling the game three times) or life got crazy. Thankfully, the game issues seem to be resolved. 

Speaking of resolutions, I've made one for the new year that includes posting chapters more frequently. I've been dragging my feet with this generation, not wanting to end their story, but it's time and I've made my peace with that. Unless someone (either George or Steph) tell me differently, there will be two more chapters and then a finale to this generation. 

The short version: I'm resolving to post more often, finish this generation so the next can start, and this generation will end soon.

Thank you for being patient with me, for continuing to read this story (even with my sporadic posting), and for loving these characters with me. :)

God bless Kelly Clarkson for putting into words what so few of us can. Her song speaks to both Steph's and my heart and was an inspiration in writing this chapter.

Special Thank You To LateKnightSimmer for making the tipping hat pose!!! Love You Sweet Lady!!!


“They’re adorable!” Inside the most recent bag, sat two onesies, both white; one with small blue airplanes and one with tiny pink flowers. The cuteness of each one was too much not share with everyone and I reached inside, holding them up for everyone to see. Those gathered in the family room for my baby shower agreed, and I smiled even more thinking about each baby wearing them. But they looked bigger outside the bag and even though the size on the tag said “newborn”, I couldn’t imagine that each of them would be big enough to fit into them when they were born. That thought made me panic for a moment and I looked down at my huge belly, wondering how much bigger it would need to grow for them to reach that size.

“They grow so much in the last months.” Bridge offered and I glanced up from my belly to see her watching me from across the room.

I nodded and smiled over at her. “I read that in one of the “What to Expect” books, but I still have trouble imagining me getting any larger.” I half joked and chuckles sounded around the family room.

“I felt like I was going to bust during my last month.” I turned to see Emily rubbing a hand over her barely noticeable bump. “It’s amazing to think how much they grow in just nine short months.”

“This isn’t making me feel any better about what’s ahead.” Charlotte somewhat joked as she looked down at her also barely there bump.

“It’s all worth it.” Bridge patted Charlotte’s hand and Emily nodded. “The uncomfortableness you feel in the last months becomes a distant memory as you hold your little one. . .” She smiled at me. “. . .or little ones, and your heart feels like it’s going to burst from the love that you feel whenever you hold them in your arms.”

Daydreams of George and I holding tiny babies moments after being born were interrupted by Charlotte placing another baby present in my lap and I set my attention back to opening them. Before long, they were all unwrapped, the guests full from enjoying tea, cupcakes and other treats, and little by little friends began to leave until all that remained were family.

The guys kept themselves busy doing “guy activities” until the shower ended and their thunderous return proved that they had a good time.  “I swear! I wasn’t peeking!” Trev’s loud voice was the first heard as they exited the elevator. “Willie’s just not very good at surprising people!” The laughter that rang out made us women look and smile at each other; something that caused the men to stop dead in their tracks after filing through the door.

“Why are you all smiling like that?” Will wondered and we couldn’t contain our laughter any longer.

“It’s just nice to hear the four of you having fun.” Emily’s reassurance once we stopped laughing broke them out of their frozen state and each one made their way over to join us. As the conversation continued, I looked around the room and drank in the sight of the warm, caring family and each of the happy couples. 

The latest addition was among the Christmas surprises of learning that Charlotte and Emily were pregnant. Trev’s admission that he meant to bring a guest with him on Christmas Eve caused a buzz through the family. It didn’t take us long to realize though that Trev had met his match with Pamela, an old college friend of his.

It was something that was common with every couple sitting there, how once each couple got together it didn’t take long for them to move to the next step, and my tiny chuckle didn’t go unnoticed by George. The small turn of his head in my direction caught my eye and when our eyes met, a whole conversation took place where I told him that I’d reveal later what had caused my runaway chuckle, and his eyes showed that he couldn’t wait to hear about it.

The thought that the two of us could have a conversation like that made a soul-warming contentment spread through me, and if I had known how short-lived it would be, I would’ve tried to relish it even more. As was common at that point in my pregnancy, my mind jumped from one thought and memory to another and it wasn’t long before I remembered the moment that I first witnessed him having a silent conversation with Charlotte. . .the night that George and I first opened up about our pasts. . .when I first told him about my parents.

It seemed like anything could send my mind on a path that led to some memory or conversation about my childhood and cause an unsettling feeling to fester deep inside.  Every time, I tried to push it even further down, but my attempts became less and less successful and I worried about my ability to keep it hidden. Especially from George.

The moment that everyone left was the when my worry became a reality. His attention turned away from the elevator doors and I knew from the intense focus I saw when his eyes met mine that he had zeroed in on something.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Story Update

I promise that I'm back and am working on the next Listening chapter! There are several lots that I need to download and decorate for pictures. But once that's done I'll be able to get to work on putting the chapter together.

Sorry it's been so long! 

I've been posting George and Steph stuff on my Simblr. Things that have been going on with them between the last chapter and this upcoming one. If your interested, you can check them out here. They're all tagged "Between Chapters." I have a couple queued up for later today.

I'm hoping that if all goes well, I'll have a chapter posted by the end of this week or early next week. Fingers crossed!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Along with the Spirit Animal Award, Listening to My Heart was also nominated for:

The Sunshine Blogger Award!!

I love this because one, I love sunshine (which is one reason why I used it in the name of another story I write). Two, I love the idea of people making the world a little brighter because we can all use that these days. And three, sunshine makes me happy!

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Well, it is of course an award for bloggers from other bloggers. It is a beautiful way to share all the amazing things other bloggers do and write about. To recognize their efforts in inspiring others to do what they love.

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links. (y'all, I'm not including questions to answer. If you want to, you can answer questions from the ones that I answer below).
4. Notify the bloggers you included.
5. Keep the rules in your post.

This story was nominated by three people:

Violincat/wannabecatwriter - Her story, Our Different Paths is a Difference in the Family Tree challenge story that's currently in it's second generation. And you can find her Tumblr page here

livinasimminlife/Lizzie (depending if you're on WordPress or Blogger) - She writes several stories that you can start reading at Livin A Simmin Life  

DandyLion240 - She also writes several stories (one that I've listed below) including Bring Me Back to Life

Thank you so much!!! I think you all bring a ton of sunshine into this world and I'm humbled that you took the time and thought of this story when you made your nominations!!

My Nominees:
Since I'm late to the party, I'm guessing that all those that I nominate have probably already been nominated a thousand times over (since they're incredible stories), but I love to give shoutouts to these folks so here's my nominees: 

The Torres Legacy by blythelyre - Not only is she a lovely person, but she writes a damn good story!! This legacy is currently in it's 4th generation and follows the Torres family through the challenges of having supernatural abilities and the impact it has in each generation finding love. Simblr page

The Insane Dubios Legacy  by mrsoogieboogie/freckled-pixels - I love how encouraging she always is and will read anything she writes. I was hooked from the beginning of this story! It follows the different generations of the Dubios men who all have the same trait, they're insane. The different ways that each generation portrays this trait is what continues to make this story an addictive read. The fact that the men are handsome as hell doesn't hurt either. ;) Simblr page

Echoes in Eternity by lateknightsimmer - No matter how many times I fall off the face of the earth and hide in the shadows, she's always there to welcome me back to the world of Sims! I also have to read everything she writes since she's an incredible writer. Echoes is a multi-generational story that is currently in it's third generation. The Zenturi-Hunt men all strive to find themselves and how they can make their own impact in the world while also staying rooted in the mostly supportive family that Maximus founded.  Simblr page

Not So Ordinary Life by DandyLion240 - I'm always amazed at how well she "gets" the charcters in all my stories and her insight carries over into the insight into her own characters and how she portrays them. This story is one of my favorite binge reads! It's currently in it's 4th generation and I soooo need to go binge read again so I can get all caught up!! Simblr page

Goatkibble stories on tumblr - Another amazing writer who is also very supportive of other ts3 simblrs. I love logging onto tumblr and reading her stories. Another one of my favorite binge reads.

A Graying World by thepartysims - I was late in finding this story but once I did, I was hooked! It's currently in it's 5th generation and the story follows the Gray family and their efforts to save "a graying world." Simblr page

(Like I said in the Spirit Animal Award post, I need some new stories to read so if you'd like for me to check your story out or have a suggestion, leave me a comment and I'll swing by to read it.)

Questions from Violincat:
1. Do you have any favorite characters in your own stories? Who?
My favorite is Trev. I could write for him until the cows came home (which would be forever since I don't personally own any cows). He says the craziest things, keeps me on my toes, and I just really love his story. 

2. What are your favorite genres to read or watch?
I tend to be a historical romance kind of girl. But I also like to read about history. Right now, I'm reading about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I'll be very interested to see the differences in it and the new Victoria mini-series that's supposed to be on PBS soon.

(Good God!!! I love period dramas with costumes!!)

3. Which fictional characer do you wish you could be real life friends with?
Again, Trev. He's hysterical and the stuff that comes out of his mouth keeps me laughing. It would be so much less embarassing if he could be real and other people could hear what he says, instead of me laughing and others wondering what I found so funny. He's loyal, fun, smart, driven, and I'm always a sucker for underdogs like him.

4. Would you rather land the perfect job or true love?
True love. I can live without the perfect job, but love, nope.

5. Do you cook or bake? If not, would you want to learn how to?
I love to cook! I love to eat what I cook! Hence why I could stand to lose some extra pounds that I'm carrying around. I am not the best baker though. But I'm okay with that. 

6. What is your dream career?
I used to want to be an interior designer and if I could go back to school that's what I'd study. It's one reason that I like to decorate Sims houses. 

7. What is the one thing you absolutely can't live without?
My family. The craziness that happens in life is doable as long as I have them.

8. Which country do you most want to visit?
Germany's pretty high on my list. So is a return trip to England, and I've never been to Canada. . .

9. Are you a day or night person?
Neither? Y'all, I just turned 40 this summer and between kids, volunteering, and trying to keep up with everyone in this house, I have about as much energy in the morning as I do in the night. However, I do like sunshine so I'd say if I was saying which part of the day I prefer, it would be day since it's the only time I get to myself and I'm more of an introvert that likes my quiet alone time.

10. Would you want to become famous?
Nope. I like my privacy too much.

11. What do you like most about gaming?
Specifically with the Sims, that I can create a world that's one that I'd like to live in.

Questions from livinasimminlife:
1. What made you want to write SimLit?
Whenever I played the Sims, whether it was the very first version or the third (I'm still trying to decide if I like the fourth), I would always make up stories for the families I played. When I created Amanda, I had the overwhelming desire to write and share her story, even if noone read it or commented on it. Her story just needed to be told.

2. What's your favorite breakfast food?
I'm not much of a breakfast person. I always have to have coffee. Y'all, there's video evidence of how I don't function without it. So I guess coffee's my answer (even though it's a drink. . .).

3. Who is your favorite SimLit character (of your own creation, modified EA-generated, or base game)?
Since I already said Trev's my favorite of my Sims, I'll give my favorite charcter that's not my own. But wait! I can't just pick one. . .Tony London and Riley Sawyer from The Torres Legacy, Gibson Dubios from The Insane Dubois Legacy, Rudy and Biggs from freckled-pixels, and Maximus Zenturi from Echoes of Eternity

4. What's your favorite activity to do in the sun?
Just sit in it and feel the warmth from it. A friend of mine who recently passed away loved to sit in the sun too and whenever I do it now, I think of her.

5. If you were facing the apocalypse, which one of your Sims characters would you want with you and why?
Hmmm. . .I'm actually going to go with Will. He writes science fiction so he's done some thinking on what would be required to survive an apocalypse. Shucks y'all! I made him blush!!

6. Why did the chicken cross the road?
I've always wondered this so I googled it. This was a picture that came up with the answer:

Lol! It made me laugh so, why not?

7. What's the silliest or weirdest thing your Sims have ever done in game?
It's not really weird or silly when I think of other Sims doing it, but I caught George streaking one time. Which makes no sense since one of his traits is to be proper.

8. Have you ever written a fictional version of a significant event in your life in any of your SimLit stories?
Sure have! In every single story and in every single generation. But I'm not telling what parts they are. ;)

9. Name a character you love-to-hate (and this can be from any source - i.e. games, books, movies, etc.).
Right now it's John Murphy from The 100. I hate him and love him and love it when his character appears in an episode. And the way that Bellamy tells him to, "Shut up, Murphy." . . .great character to love to hate.

10. Name three things (or people) that make you smile.
My Husband, my kids, and cake.

11. If you could visit any fictional world, what would it be and why?
All the ones that I'm thinking of have their drawbacks. . .Outlander, 1740s - Not a big fan of no running water and war. The 100 - Post apocalyptic earth, glowing butterflies, and unfriendly Grounders. . .nope, Once Upon a Time, Storybrooke - All that magic flying through the air and the way the town's always in danger. I'll pass. Hmm. . .If I could live with Mr. Darcy at Pemberly, I think I might be able to live with that. So I'll go with that. :)

Questions from DandyLion240:
1. What's your favorite color?
I'm so boring. I like cream. Especially if it's with some distressing.

2. Do you like to travel?
I do! I love to travel as a family, but I really love to travel alone with my Hubby since we get to do things that we normally wouldn't with the kids. . .NOT THAT (although. . .) But things like see Celine Dion in concert. Because what teenager wants to see Celine? Not mine. 

3. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
To a place where I could see my grandparents again. I miss them everyday and still can't believe that it's been 18 years since I last saw my Grandfather. So yeah, I'd go where they are.

4. How long have you been playing the sims?
I've been playing so for so long, I can't remember exactly when I began. It was sometime after the first one came out. . .I still have all the CDs somewhere. . .

5. What motivated you to start writing?
I kind of always enjoyed writing but forgot about it for a while. Between college and being a mom, it was something that I didn't think much about. It wasn't until I started Amanda's saved game that I started to get the itch again to write.

6. If you could meet anyone from the past, who would it be?
OMG! Ummm. . .Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, I'd say Henry VIII but I'm afraid I'd piss him off and that would be the end of me, Queen Elizabeth I, Thomas Jefferson, Mother Theresa. . .I could go on and on.

7. What's your favorite song?
This is like asking me what my favorite type of cake is. . .I can't pick just one. Right now, if I had to pick one of the songs that I listen to over and over and over again, it would be (Wait for the shocker) Celine Dion's Recovering. It's written by Pink, song by Celine, and it's heartwrenching to listen to. Trev's a big fan of it too.

8. Day or Night?
I like the sun so I'll say day.:)

9. Do you plan out every detail of the stories you write or do you just let the story take you to unexpected places?
Some of both, although I used to plan everything out. I'm a big believer in telling the story the character wants told, not what I want. There are times when I think I know what direction the story's going in and then a character takes the story in a completely other direction. Sometimes it's frustrating, but I've learned that the story they tell is so much better than the one that I'd come up with.

10. Do you like to write in first or third person?
First person. I struggle so much with third. . .I envy those that can write in third person. I keep trying it, hoping that I'll one day be able to write in that voice, but it's not looking hopeful.

11. If you could do anything right now, what would it be?
Honestly, I'd be writing for one of my stories. It's what I love to do most!

♥ Thank you again Violincat, livinasimminlife, and DandyLion240!!